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Mind and Soul

Mind and Soul

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The following accessory is a mix between a bracelet and a ring, with an anchor silver string that unifies them. The bracelet is called the anchor bracelet, the ring is called the soul ring. The anchor bracelet represents stability, mental health, and a relationship between body and mind. The intention of it is to represent mental equilibrium in order to achieve wellness and mental health in our every day journey. The soul ring represents the shape and brightness of our soul, with flaws and scars. Imperfect, but perfect and unique in essence. The soul and mind piece is a symbol of correlation between our mind and soul. Mind and soul work separately, but when unified, we believe this leads to the creation of self conciseness. From this we obtain and create an entity, a unique one, with a different story to tell and share.

We create a product who’s meaning and story is then told by you.




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