Letter from Juan

The journey itself is often the best part, even though sometimes we're too close to pain to see it. It's always been my dream to be part of this project, something I've wanted to create for as long as I can remember. But things didn't turn out as expected. As the project took shape, some events changed my life. That's when I realized how vulnerable and insignificant I felt.

I wondered why I was the only one struggling. I've always had a sensitive heart and been in touch with my emotions. But this time, amidst my pain, I saw SILVÁH. I saw a way to express my feelings and share a message that could help others reflect, heal, and feel. Silvah became a path towards a mindset of love and peace that I hope to share with all of you.

Along with Santiago, I decided to create a story for each piece. The meaning and sense of those stories are meant to be yours. We invite you to join us on an introspective journey filled with love and joy. Our aim is for society to appreciate the beauty in people once again. Mental health is a significant part of everyone's life, and our community seeks to create a world where it is valued and understood, one piece at a time. In the meantime, we will keep creating and loving with the same strength that society has to destroy.

With love and dedication,
Juan Musi | Co-Founder